What Do Men Really Think Of Your Panties?

Thong, brief, boy short, bikini, c-string, g-string, v-string, control top… what type of underwear are you wearing?  What does it say about you?  What do men think?   Check out this cute and cheeky video to find out!

Men buy underwear in packs and they have limited options when it comes to color, fit, and style; brief, boxer and boxer brief.   Women on the other hand have endless options!  On some level men think we should all look like Victoria Secret models wearing lace, satin, leather and silk everyday.  The reality is that most women look for comfort first and foremost when picking out her daily panties, but trust me ladies it is worth finding the happy medium.  No man wants to be with a woman who is wearing panties that look like something his mother wore!

Clearly I have lingerie on the brain this week… what is that about???

Single & Stylish,

xx Keylee

Sex Up Your Summer!

 Nothing says feminine like pretty lingerie and no one does lingerie better than Agent Provocateur!  If you are looking for a few ways to heat up your summer AP has the solution.  Classic, bridal, bondage, sexy, or pretty they have something for everyone.  Here are a few of my favorite pieces available now.



Spring Summer 2012

Spring Summer 2012

Spring Summer 2012

The NO FAIL Holiday Gift!

I struggle with what to get my guy each year for Christmas.  It gets down to the wire and then I start second guessing a few things that I did buy and worrying if it will be enough or if he will like it.  At the end of the day we all need to remember that it is not the complicated.  Men are not that complicated, in fact they are very simple.  So if you still need a last minute gift idea for you guy (or your girl), here you go!
Wear one of these and he (or she) won’t care what is under the tree!

Sexy Santa

Sexy Santa Robe

Sparkle and Shine Santa

Green Velvet Girl
Santa Baby Hip Hugger

The C String!

We have seen the G string, the thong, the Victoria’s Secret V string, and cheekies all become main stream in the panties world but have you seen the C String? This is one of those moments where I can’t decided if my reaction is “that is genius!” or “who the hell would wear that?”  It is the ultimate way to avoid VPL (visible pantie lines), but you must be brave enough to wear it!  It is basically a head band for your crotch- at least it is inventive! The C String promotes that it is perfect for the beach or the bedroom and even lists a testimonial of a client that felt it was “perfect for her vacation at a topless beach.”  It is sold in lingerie or swimsuit material, with matching bras/ tops- not sure that equals a swimsuit but hey maybe that is just me!  It comes in small and medium- not sure why no large but I can pretty much guess.

The C String is not new, I found articles written about it from 2007 but I have never seen it until now and I had to share!  Would you try it?   Is it hot or trashy or both?  Please let me know if you order one or have tried it!!