Did He Just Invite Himself?

I held off writing Sam back until the morning after we landed in LA.

“I am good, just got back from Paris. How are you?”

After I had slept in to combat my jetlag, I got up to unpack and run some errands. My apartment desperately needed fresh flowers and food!

The next day a package arrived at the office, I had no idea what I had ordered but I was happy to open it! As I opened the box I could tell, it wasn’t something I ordered, but something sent to me- a gift. It was from Peter, an early Valentines Day gift. The card was sweet, and when I open the box my mouth dropped to the floor. He had seen on my blog a handbag I had posted, the “it” bag of the moment, the Rag & Bone pilot bag. This amazing, beautiful bag was mine? Later that day a dozen heart and love themed decorated cupcakes arrived at the office as well.

I immediately called Peter, “Wow, thank you, but it is too much!” I said, of course, thinking how perfect it was! He was kind, sweet and very excited I liked the bag.

An hour later I get a text from Sam, “Are you still going to Aspen for Presidents Day weekend? I think I will come too!” Wait, what? I thought. Why would he come to Aspen on that weekend? How did he even remember I was going?

“Who are you coming with?” I asked. “No one, I figure we could hang out… I miss you.” Awe, I wanted to believe that he missed me, what a romantic gesture. We would have so much fun in the mountains playing in the snow! He was full of bullshit, but at that moment I ate it right up!

The next day Jaxton called to ask me out for Valentines Day. WTF was going on, was mercury in retrograde? It was like the ghost of boyfriends past were all coming back to haunt me! Sadly I would be in Aspen on Valentines Day, and now it looked like I would most likely be spending it with Sam and my friends. Jaxton rarely called me, and he never had asked me out for Valentines Day, I was sad I wouldn’t be home to see him.

My thoughts quickly turned to the fact that I hadn’t seen Sam in a few months and after eating my way through Paris I had one week to get my body back…. Totally doable- right? That night after work, I went to the gym before meeting a girlfriend out for sushi. After my workout I was feeling awesome; I had really sweated it out. I grabbed a towel and jumped in the shower.

Now a women’s locker room is always an interesting place and a women’s locker room in an LA posh gym is even more interesting! Some women have no shame and choose to walk around totally naked. Some pose in the mirror with no tops on and pretend to be fixing their hair, some try and cover their bodies with as many towels as possible. Then course there is Janice Dickenson shaving her lady bits by the sinks. Not kidding at all, it is an image I will never get out of my head.

I am somewhere in between. I have always loved my body, ok not always, but big or small it was mine and once I was in my thirties I decided I should be nice to her. I get out of the shower and squeeze my hair out. I would usually put on my underwear and walk to get some body lotion, but in my jetlag haze I didn’t bring a fresh pair. No biggie I thought, I will just go commando to dinner. Just as I rounded the corner of the lockers to get some body lotion, I see her. My one “would, coulda, shoulda” guys’ new fitness model child bride. I was stark naked, with extra of me around the middle, and she was a twenty-something fitness model who was dressed in a very chic outfit applying lip-gloss and adjusting her perfectly messy bun in the mirror. They lived in Chicago, why was she even in my locker room??? She had never been a big fan of mine, though I had only met her once or twice, and after a sly smile she turned on her heels and walked out, looking over her shoulder at me as she rounded the corner. I wanted to cry, but instead I just started hysterically laughing. I am sure everyone else in the locker room was convinced I was sharing pills with Janice Dickenson and had lost it, but at that moment if I didn’t laugh I would have cried and I had made vow to myself to not cry at the gym anymore.

She was married to my college love, Mark. He was my “one that got away,” even though I broke it off with him. I try not to have regrets in my life but if I had one, breaking up with him was it.

As I packed for Aspen, I felt myself getting excited and nervous that I would see Sam. I had not introduced a guy to my friends since I had left my marriage. In Aspen, I wouldn’t’ be able to avoid it. I packed the usual amounts of jeans, boots, cashmere, fur and a few things just in case I decided to ski. I also slipped in a few sexier pieces just in case I needed them.

I landed on a Wednesday, and Sam wouldn’t arrive until Friday afternoon, so it was the perfect time for me to settle in and see friends. After a boozy rosé lunch one afternoon the girls decided to go shopping. The new Rag & Bone store had opened and I just happened to stumble wonder in. After a few moments of wondering around I laid my eyes on the most perfect pair of leather pants I had ever seen. As I slipped them on I knew, I was in heaven. They fit like a glove, and my ass looked amazing! I had to have them. One issue; the price. I wasn’t really in a position to pay that much for a pair of pants; it was a half of my monthly rent! After a few moments, I had rationalized myself into the pants.

The next day Sam arrived into town and text me the moment he landed.

“I am here, what’s the plan?” He text.

“I will be at après later, meet me there?” I text. I didn’t want to seem too anxious.

I arrived at après the appropriate amount of late and walked in with a group of friends. I was a bit nervous to see him, and it bugged me. My friends and I went to the bar, I spotted him as moved across the room but didn’t didn’t let him know. He moved toward me at the bar and smiled. Once I saw him, I couldn’t help but show my excitement.

After several rounds of drinks, we decided to clean up and go for sushi. Couple friends of mine were game, and I was excited for Sam to know them. I rushed home, showered and threw on my sexy Wolford tights with my favorite long sleeve ALC dress and headed to dinner. I was determined not to be an easy get that night, but it didn’t hurt to make him want it.

Dinner was amazing, Sam ordered a fabulously expensive sake. We ate sushi till we were going to burst, danced at a club, at the end of the night I said goodbye and went home.

Sam wanted to ski the next day and even though I was totally inept I said yes because I had an invite for lunch at the top of the mountain and could bring a guest. After lunch, I told Sam I would meet him at the bottom. He was a much better skier than I, and it made me even more nervous to have someone watch me while I took my time. By the end of the day, we were skiing together more, and it was perfect. After the we skied down during the last run of the day we went straight to après and had a drink! We had dinner plans that night as well so again; I went back to the house I was staying at; showered and changed. Only this time I decided to give my new leather pants a run. We were invited to a big group dinner, and though I was nervous about taking Sam, it was fun! He was interesting, funny, the right amount of attentive and made everyone at the table adore him. I am sure I was beaming. Soon after my 100th glass of wine, not a real number.. I am just estimating. We decided again went dancing and then decided to have one more drink….at his hotel. Needless to say I got to experience three-move man again and the next morning my walk of shame home in a full-length mink coat was not my proudest moment. I left his hotel early in the hopes to not run into anyone I knew. When I arrived at the home, my plan was to sneak in and get a few more hours of sleep. As I sat in the mudroom taking off my shoes and coat, my friend Ted walked up the stairs. Ted was a very close friend, almost like a brother.

“Where are you going this early?” He asked.

Before I could even make up a good excuse, a huge smile came over his face as he looked at me from head to toe (realizing I was wearing the same thing as last night).

“What?!?” I said defensively. Which only made me blush and look super guilty.

“Are you just coming in?” He said with a huge grin.

I removed my shoes, looked at him with a slight smile and said, “wouldn’t you like to know?” I walked down the stairs to my room and went back to sleep.

Single & Stylish

xx Keylee

The only thing I do not like living in Los Angeles is our lack of seasons! I have a lot of sweaters, boots, and coats that never get the wear they deserve. This time of year is my weakness, all the fabulous winter favorites go on sale!!! Here are a few things that are perfect for a mountain getaway or just enjoying brisk weather!

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I Had Found Heaven.

The next morning I woke up from a sleep so deep that for a moment I wasn’t sure where I was. As I blinked my eyes open it was like a dream; huge four poster bed, white linen everywhere, the sun peaking in the wooden pocket doors and the smell of the ocean filling in the air. I was fairly sure that I was in heaven. I grabbed a robe and opened the pocket doors to find Sam on the deck reading the paper on his iPad and enjoying coffee. I had no concept of what time it was and more importantly, I didn’t care. Once again, he had ordered most of the breakfast menu, and I enjoyed my little buffet. As we sat there on the closed in porch, I was itching to jump into the ocean. The water in Turks and Caicos is crystal clear and warm, the type of ocean you want to run and dive in head first. As I said to Sam that I was going to go for a swim, he looked at his watch and said “okay, but make it quick. A cart will be here to pick us up in 20 minutes.” “Oh really?” I asked, “and where are we going in 20 minutes?” “To the spa, we have manicure and pedicure appointments this morning,” he replied with a great big grin. “How wonderful!” I said as bent down to give Sam a kiss, and then ran to change into a swimsuit. I figured I had 10 minutes to swim and 10 to get ready for the spa. Gotta love a man who gets a mani/ pedi.

The water felt amazing and after my quick dip I rinsed off, threw on one of my new sundresses from our shopping spree (I knew Sam would get a kick out of me wearing the things he had bought- plus they were all so fabulous I couldn’t wait to wear them). Just as I put on some lip gloss, Sam yelled that the cart had arrived. Since we had arrived at the resort in the dark, I hadn’t seen anything but the beach. It was breathtaking. The whole island had a Dirty Dancing feel to it; the larger part of the hotel was on the hill, many smaller buildings all around and then the little villa’s on the beach with golf cart paths in between. The landscaping and flora was beautiful and smelled even better, many of the flowers I had never even seen. At the top of the hill, we arrived at a simple building with a long stone entrance; the spa! Little did I know at the time that I would be spending a fair amount of time there. I am not always a fan of spa mani / pedi’s; they are overpriced and take forever but, this time it was so heavenly I just sort of melted into the chair and utterly enjoyed the whole experience.

My spa services took a bit longer than Sam’s so I told him to go ahead, and I would meet him at the pool. It would be the first time since I landed in Miami that I would have a bit of time to myself, and I needed a minute to breathe! After my services, a driver took me back to our villa, and I just collapsed on the couch, let out a huge sigh and took it all in. “Am I really here?” I asked myself. I sat there for a moment longer and then said out loud “yes, you are really here but only for the weekend so get your butt off the couch and go enjoy it!” I threw on my sexiest swimsuit, a new cover-up, flip flops, grabbed my sunscreen and headed to the pool. I found Sam in a lounge chair under an umbrella, on one side of him was sun and the other was shade. As I walked up he said he wasn’t sure which I preferred, sun or shade, so he picked both. It was a really cute gesture and of course I picked the sun. Before I could hardly relax Sam decided it was time for a cocktail, I never have to be talked into a cocktail so I agreed and said, “I will have whatever you are having.” Sam didn’t like to sit still for very long so he got up and walked to the bar. Soon he came back with two drinks in hand, I didn’t even have to ask what it was, I knew it was tequila. After our second cocktail Sam rolled over in his lounge chair and said “I am really glad last night happened.” I was a little taken back by this ‘out of nowhere comment’ but giggled to myself and thought… “yeah, I bet you are!” In reality, I just smiled and said “me too.”

We ordered lunch and just as I thought that I would drift off in the shade for a quick nap a woman showed up and said, “the cart is ready when you are Sam.” I sat up and said, “Where are you going?” He looked at me and smiled, “we are going back to the spa for a massage.” I didn’t think I could handle any more surprises but, the spa twice in one day was a surprise I didn’t mind at all. As Sam walked to take a phone call, I closed out our tab. I was in shock, how could lunch and a few cocktails equal $450? I thought it must be a mistake until I looked at the itemized bill that showed our cocktails were not just cocktails; they were $45 glasses of tequila. It was very typical Sam, so I signed the bill and looked around for him. I wondered who he was talking to for a moment and why he had to walk away. I let it go and walked to the cart. I hadn’t even turned my phone on and I was really good at ignoring emails from my lawyer, I still had not forgiven him for the mix up in court.

During the massage, I drifted into the nap I had been thinking about and afterwards all I wanted to do was get back in the ocean. Sam was up for it and as we walked from our villa to the beach, about 20-30 seconds, we noticed that most of the women were topless on the beach, and some of the people were totally naked. I wasn’t about to get totally naked but when in Rome, I could go topless. We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach, in the water, talking, laughing, kissing… it was all pretty perfect. I found out things like; Sam still wanted more children (bonus), he had wanted to ask me out for years, he told me about his family and what it was like growing up for him, we talked about our divorces… it was really nice to lay all of it out on the table. After the beach I walked back to the house with the intention of using the little girls room, the big bed looked so heavenly that I grabbed a pillow and thought; I will just close my eyes for a moment, I was so relaxed. Next thing I know Sam was waking me up and hour and half later!

Dinner that night was amazing, the food was fantastic, the wine was even better and the atmosphere was unparalleled. I had found my happy place.

The next day as I woke up, again in what I was still convinced must be heaven, I found Sam with a menu asking me what I wanted for lunch. Lunch? We hadn’t even had breakfast. “Why are we ordering lunch?” I asked. “I charted a boat for the day so we can snorkel and island hop, the resort is going to send us with a picnic, “ he said. I literally squealed with excitement. Boat? Island hopping? Picnic lunch? Everything he just said made me excited! As I slipped into a swimsuit I realized I didn’t have a beach bag of sorts to take on the boat. As I asked Sam if he did, full well knowing he would not, he suggested we run to the gift shop and buy one. “Well, what time does the boat leave?” I asked; I didn’t want to make us late. “Whenever we want it to, it is our boat for the day,” he said with a laugh. Oh, that was a good point. A day on the boat was my favorite time we spent together. Our guides were excellent and took us to the best snorkeling spot, dove down and brought up a HUGE starfish for me to hold (of course we tossed it back), laid out our picnic lunch on the beach and took us to Iguana island- that was not my favorite. I am terrified of lizards and barely got off the boat during that stop.

As we cruised back to the resort, I couldn’t stop smiling. It was the first time in a long time I had not thought of my husband, my divorce, or work. What was this magical feeling I barley recognized? Oh, yeah…. I was happy. I wanted this feeling to last forever!

Single & Stylish,

xx Keylee

On this trip I had forgot my beach bag but this fall the bags are too beautiful to forget! Here are my favorites, with the exception of the Prada Saffiano Cuir Camo bag that I have posted about 100 times.

*All of the events I have written about in the above and previous posts are about me, my life, my experiences and from my point of view.

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Why Was He Doing All Of This?

The next day my eyes popped open early, and I bound out of bed, no jet lag or hang over from the Don Julio 1942- the excitement had taken over. I could hear Sam was up in the next room, so I splashed some water on my face, brushed my hair, curled my eye-lashes and put on a little lip gloss for good measure and casually walked into the living room.

I walked into to find him watching the new and sitting with the entire table food of food; Sam had ordered almost the entire breakfast menu! “Would you like some coffee? Eggs? Pancakes? Bacon?” He asked. “I wasn’t sure what you liked for breakfast, so I ordered a variety,” he continued. “More like you ordered the entire menu,” I said. “I would love some coffee.”

I sipped my coffee, and Sam seemed anxious, soon he was almost pacing around the room. “I am so excited for today, you are going to love it- first up we shop, what store would like to go to first?” He asked. I was a bit taken back, but smiled; it was adorable that he was that excited. I had decided to forgo the salon appointment for a couple of reasons; one, I didn’t want to waste the time and two, I could never cheat on Gareth. We had been in a 3-year hair relationship, and I was not about to start cheating on him- he nor my hair would ever forgive me! “You decide where we should go first, and I will get dressed,” I said. Soon we were in the rental car, top down, and heading toward Bal Harbour. As a stylist and professional shopper I, of course, had heard of Bal Harbour and knew it was one of the most prestige shopping malls in the country but I had never been.

As we entered the outdoor mall, I was in heaven, it was every designer store you could possible name in one place. Before I knew what was happening I was in the dressing room of Stella McCartney trying on a few things, I left with my first pair of Stella McCartney shoes and a top. Next we went to Prada, where I found myself standing in the most amazing python heels I had ever seen and soon they were mine. I kept telling Sam that he didn’t have to buy me something in every store, but it wasn’t sinking in for him. In James Perse and Calypso we picked up piles of white linen, flip flops, swimsuit cover-ups and accessories. Next, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Neiman Marcus was our last stop. Sam needed to pick up a few things from the Jack Black counter, and I fell in love with the most amazing Diane von Furstenberg flowing green gown. It was like something that would have walked down a Halston runway in the 70’s. I had no idea where I would ever wear it; I was almost certain I wouldn’t need it on an island, but I would have worn this dress grocery shopping it was so beautiful. Sam saw the look on my face and insisted on buying it. Not wanting to offend him, I said yes. I am good like that! The whole day was a Pretty Woman experience, without the obvious hooker element.

We could barley fit all the packages in the back seat of the car; it literally looked like a cheesy advertisement for the shopping center. It was over the top, ridiculous and absolutely fantastic! We soon realized the time and knew we had hurry back to the hotel so we could catch our flight, not to mention that I had now had an entire suitcase full of new clothes I would need to try and accommodate. As I was packing up I had a thought, why? Why was Sam spoiling me like this? My husband showered me with gifts, but in the end I discovered it was only to cover up his guilt and time with other women. I couldn’t help but think that Sam was trying to cover something up as well. I hated that those thoughts even entered my mind, but they did. I didn’t have time to think about it for too long and as I zipped up my over stuffed suitcase I thought; thank goodness we were flying first class, and it was an international flight, I would be allowed to have a 70lb bag!

Soon we were on our flight and headed to, what is now my favorite place, the breath taking Turks and Caicos. By the time we were in the air it was getting dark and by the time we landed at the tiny open-air run down airport, it was pitch dark. The driver was waiting for us and after he loaded our bags we took a short drive to a building. It was not the resort, but it was where we would get on the boat to go to the resort. A beautiful woman with beautiful olive skin wearing a white polo and tan skirt met us at the door with cold towels and food menus. “By the time you arrive on the island the restaurant will be closed,” she informed us, “if you would like to put your order in now then we will have your dinner waiting when you arrive at your villa.” Villa? I thought, but, of course, didn’t say anything to Sam. I smiled and ordered a piece of fish with veggies. The truth was I as starving! Other than the warm nuts and snack we were served on the flight over I hadn’t really eaten all day!

The air was warm and thick, and the boat ride was calming, the wind mixed with the hum of the engine and gentle rocking of the boat as we sped across the water was hypnotizing. It was pitch black with only the moon lighting our path and the stars; the stars were brilliant! I don’t think we have that many stars in LA. After about 30 minutes in the boat we arrived at the islands dock. My hair was windblown and messy, my shoes were off, I was with a great guy and I was smiling from ear to ear; I could feel myself starting to relax. The best part was that our weekend was just beginning!

The island has a no car policy, so a golf cart picked us up and after a short drive we arrived at our villa. It was just as you would picture a villa on an island would be; white linen covered furniture, doors leading to a patio with a private pool and beach access, a bedroom, a small kitchen area and huge ceiling fans hanging from the wood covered valuted ceilings in every room. I immediately had to dip my toes in the ocean! As the bellman unloaded our suitcases and room service was setting up our dinner Sam, and I went off our deck and walked to the ocean. The water was as warm as bathwater with no waves and the moonlight bounced off the water like it was dancing. If I had to pick my top 5 most romantic moments in life, this would be one of them. Sam was holding my hand as we stood there with our toes in the water. I made mention of how beautiful it all was, and he pulled me in closer. “Thank you for saying yes,” he said. Before I could say anything, he kissed me. This was not just a peck on the lips as we had done before; it was a slow passionate, very romantic kiss. As my toes sunk into the sand I couldn’t help but think about how I never wanted to forget this moment.

We walked back to our room to eat dinner and opened a bottle of wine; I think we both finally felt a bit settled and started to talk. Sam and I had always had great conversation, and this was no exception. Soon the day, the excitement and the wine caught up to us, and we were exhausted. I wanted to unpack, and then it was time to sleep. This would be the first time Sam and I ever stayed together and I won’t deny that it was a touch awkward. Before we even got into bed, we were kissing again, we found out that we were really good at it. I stopped us before things got too heated and said flat out, “we are not having sex!” He started to laugh, “I was only kissing you, I haven’t tried anything- of course we are not,” he said it as if he should be earning a gold star or something. Then he kissed me again…….at least I tried to put my foot down!

Single & Stylish,

xx Keylee

Since this story took place over two years ago the items I got during my shopping spree are no longer available, unless you are in my closet, but if given the chance this fall to pick our my favorite luxury items these would be at the top of my list!


*All of the events I have written about in the above and previous posts are about me, my life, my experiences and from my point of view.

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The Real Surprise.

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As the driver sped down LaCienga Blvd., I asked him this question, “Sir, can you at least tell me what airline you are taking me too?” “No ma’am, not yet. Someone has gone to great lengths to surprise you, haven’t they?” he answered. What? I thought, how rude! As I sat int he back seat and thought about what I was doing, I got a bit nervous. I thought to myself; this is crazy, what was I thinking? But when I thought about how much I wanted to forget about Andrew and have some fun, I calmed myself down, and as we got closer to LAX, the driver asked, “would you like to know your airline?” “That would be lovely,” I said. “You will be flying American Airlines today Miss Sanders,” he said. “Oh, great. I am platinum status with American, can you take me to the premium door?” I asked politely. “No, I have strict instructions to take you to the red door,” he answered. “What is the red door? Sir, I am platinum I want to go to the premium passenger entrance,” I said. As the words came out of my mouth, I realized how snooty they sounded, but I had flown a lot of miles to enjoy the shorter lines at the airport, and I wanted to take full advantage!

As we pulled up the curb, we pulled past the premium door to a small red door I had never even noticed before. Men in red coats with red hats were standing outside of it. They opened the car door and took my luggage before I even had a chance to say anything. I quickly scanned the backseat of the car to make sure I didn’t leave anything, thanked the driver and followed the man who was wheeling my luggage. Through the secret door, we went; A very cheerful woman behind a small counter with only two computers great me, “Good afternoon, where are you flying today?” I looked at her and felt really stupid, “good afternoon, I have no idea where I am flying. Does that sound crazy?” I asked. “It happens more than you might think, let’s start with your name,” she said. “Keylee Sanders, checking one bag,” I said. As I handed her my ID and spelled my name out loud she typed on her keyboard. “Oh, you are headed to Miami today!” She said with enthusiasm. Miami?!?! Fun! It was one city that had crossed my mind as a possibility. It was warm and on east coast (I knew Sam spent a lot of time on the east coast) plus it was a fun and sexy place. I was excited to say the least; I hadn’t been to Miami in years.

The cheerful woman handed me my ticket and as I turned around another gentleman in a red hat and jacket was standing there. “Follow me Miss Sanders,” he said and at this point I was just going with it. We turned and got into the elevator. I have traveled a LOT and I had never even seen this part of LAX. As the elevator doors opened I began to recognize where I was, security. TSA and I were old friends, but this time was different. The man in the red hat waved to the man in the blue TSA shirt and stopped the premium passenger line to let me in front of everyone else. I breezed through security and said goodbye to my red jacketed escort. I gathered my belongings off the security belt and looked down at my ticket for my gate. Gate 42 Seat 1A.

I stopped to grab a bottle of water and an US Weekly, People, and Vanity Fair and headed to Gate 42. They called my group and as I walked onto the plane, the flight attendant asked me to turn left instead of right. I have to add here that it was not my first time flying first class, but it was my first time flying like this. I have been less comfortable on private flights than I was on this plane. As I found seat 1 A, I realized that it wasn’t a seat, but a pod. I swear I have lived in studio apartments that were smaller than my seating area on this flight. My seat had more buttons and seat adjustments than my Mercedes. I adapted quickly and settled in with a glass of champagne for the 5-hour flight to Miami. Upon our decent, I started to get a bit nervous again. Were things really over with Andrew, I wondered? If they weren’t totally over then I had figured that his lack of effort and enthusiasm toward me and our, what turned out to be, faux relationship was lack luster enough for me to know he wasn’t the right guy for me.  I decided I was done thinking about him!

As I exited the plane, I called Sam to let him know I had arrived. He informed me that my driver would meet me in baggage and would bring me to the hotel. As I came down the escalator a man in a black coat with a hat held a sign with my name written on it “Miss Keylee Sanders,” my name was even spelled right! I know my name is tough, but I feel it is so careless when someone spells it wrong, especially when it is in relation to someone you are dating! We gathered my bag and were on our way. I had not been to Miami in years, but one thing I remembered was that the airport is fairly close to the hotels. I suddenly realized that I needed to make myself presentable, and fast. I pulled down the mirror in the back seat and quickly applied a bit of concealer, brushed my hair, slapped on some lip gloss and called it good. He had asked me to meet him in the bar and since my buzz from the plane was wearing off I was ready for a cocktail. He had a martini waiting for me, and as we sat at the bar, the bellman took my luggage upstairs to my room. I was happy I had decided to come on the trip, and I was happy to see him.

As I sipped my drink, I kept thinking how cute Sam looked in his vintage rocker t-shirt and jeans. Soon he asked me, “so do you want to know the real surprise?” “Real surprise, what are you talking about?” I said. “This is only the fist part of the surprise,” he replied with a sly grin. “Yes! Tell me!” I screamed. Everyone turned and looked at us, and I apologized for my excitement. Sam looked at me and said, “let’s go to dinner, and I will tell you there.”

We headed to our rooms first because I wanted to change out of my airplane clothes. I told Sam that I didn’t have my key, and he said he had taken care of it. As we walk down the hall, he opened the door into a beautiful two bedroom suite. I was very impressed that he had got two rooms, very respectful.

We went to the Delano, a Miami classic, for a light late dinner and drinks.  I couldn’t take it any longer and begged Sam to tell me the rest of the plan. “Ok, I will tell you,” he said. “But first I want to say that if you do not like the plan you can change any of it!”

The “real” surprise;

“Tomorrow morning you have a salon appointment. Then we are going to Bal Harbor Shopping Center to pick up anything you might need for the weekend. We then depart on a 6pm flight to a killer resort on a private island in Turks and Caicos!!!!!” Sam threw his hands in the air as he told me with a huge smile on his face. My jaw hit the floor. “Are you fucking kidding me?” That was the only thing I could think to say. He laughed and said, “I am dead serious! Is this the craziest thing you have ever done?” “If by crazy you mean the best date ever… then yes!” I answered.  I have to admit, I was stunned but ridiculously excited.

We finished dinner, some very expensive tequila and decided to head back to the hotel; I had a very big day coming up and needed my beauty rest. Between the flight, anxiousness and the surprises I was exhausted.

I retired to my room, changed into my pajamas and went into the living room to say good night. As I stood there, I suddenly wanted to kiss him.  Sam leaned in and kissed me on the lips, this was the first time we had ever kissed on the lips, we had known each other for a long time but never like this. As he slowly kissed me good night, my toes started to tingle. I smiled slightly and went into my room; I shut and locked the door. Maybe I didn’t trust him, maybe I didn’t trust myself.

Single & Stylish,

xx Keylee

Flying can be a horrendous experience and when you need to exit the plane looking your best it can get very tricky.  Here are some of my favorite things and tricks to make your exit as flawless as you are!


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