What Does New Years Eve Really Mean?

New Years eve

New Year’s Eve.  Most everyone I know hates it.  I have the rare friend that gets excited for this fateful evening each year, but most people I know think it is an over priced evening that never really lives up to the hype, the jury is still out for me.   On my recent trip to New York I was excited to catch up with my friend Joanne Nosuchinsky, she also happens to be the current Miss New York USA and frequent guest on the Fox News show, Red Eye.  Joanne is a smart, funny, beautiful girl who I have known only a short time but I have had a girl crush on her spirit and energy since the day we met.  We talked about work, life, the weather, and inevitably the conversation turned to men, dating and then of course “What you doing for NYE?”   Joanne informed me that she volunteered to work and was happy to skip the big plans.  I will be ringing in 2014 with friends in a fabulous location but confessed I was feeling sort of blah about it.  I had just been asked to attend a $800 per person dinner and my first thought was “if I am going to spend $800 on myself it is going to be on shoes!”  I inquired if she ever attended large parties, she lives in NYC after all!  That is when Joanne filled me in on her New Years Eve theory:  How you spend NYE sets the tone for the coming year.  What? One night determines how my whole year is going to go?  How did I not know this?

As Joanne explained her theory to me my mind drifted and I started thinking, 2013 had been a less than a stellar year- borderline awful really.  As I thought back, I realized that I rang in the New Year partying my ass off with friends I barely talk to anymore (with the exception of one or two) in a forced social situation.  In accordance to her theory, this year has been filled with partying, late nights, some reckless decisions and not the amount of progress I had hoped for! Were my partying ways when the clock struck midnight to blame?  If I had spent the night meditating and being calm, would it have changed the whole tone of the past 364 days?  Though each year presents it own set of challenges 2013 was better than the year prior.  2012 turned out to be by far the hardest year of my life- finding out my husband had a double life 4 months after we were married, divorce, moving, loosing friends, blah blah blah.  I don’t know many people who would say 2013 was a great year either, but lets not dwell on the past.  This year I will spend the evening in the company of friends with delicious food, lots of bubbly and possibly even a kiss at midnight… but it isn’t midnight yet!  In the few precious hours that are left in this year I will think about how I want 2014 to look and the steps I will take to make it all happen.

Where ever you are tonight put on your party shoes and raise a glass to the moments of the past year, good and bad, and all of the moments to come.  2014 will be spectacular magic!

Have a stylish and very happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve Beauty Survival Kit!

Whether you know where you will wake up on the first day of 2013 or not, here are a few essentials to pack into your handbag!

Colgate Wisp – Your man, a new man, your girlfriend, or a perfect stranger whomever you kiss as the ball drops, you MUST do so with fresh breath.

Dr. Scholls Foot cushions- so you can dance the night away, and NEVER be one of those tacky girls who take their shoes off at a party!

Oil of Olay Cleansing clothes- nothing says hot mess more than waking up with your makeup running down your face (plus who wants to start the New Year having aged 7 days in 1 night?) Stick two of these in a small ziploc and stuff them into your clutch!

Q- tips- perfect in case your smokey eye gets a little too smokey or you need to make sure that lip is perfectly lined. Also works as an eye shadow brush in a pinch! Pop a few into the bottom of your bag.

Blotting paper- nothing says NOT sexy like an oil slick face- if you forget this essential item don’t fret- use a clean toilette cover and blot yourself back to beautiful!

Being the smart women that we are we would never forget to squeeze a condom in the little remaining space of your clutch!  We are going into year lucky ’13 (pack two just in case)!

** But before you leave the house do not forget a quick spritz of Urban Decay’s All Nighter – this will help keep your makeup in place way past midnight!

Have fun!!

Stay Stylish!! xx